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“Almond kisses” with history

The healthy energy source for snacking

A hard day, dull weather, or a bad mood? The “almond kisses” are a welcome source of energy. The tempting, melt-in-your-mouth “brain food” stimulates the circulation, increases performance, and soothes the soul. The combination of almonds and chocolate makes it an irresistible delicacy. The “almond kisses” are also gluten-free and lactose-free Vegans can also enjoy them.

The crispy roasted and caramelised almonds are carefully coated by hand with twelve layers of fine chocolate. When purchasing the ingredients for the “almond kisses”, I attach particular importance to sustainably produced products.

Culinary handicraft

I have always strived to bring people together, do them good, or simply give them a bit of joy.

From cocoa to chocolate

It took several centuries for chocolate to become the refined product we know today.

Almonds from Spain

Trade in almonds began about 500 years ago, when Spanish settlers introduced the fruit to America after the discovery of the New World.

Sustainability and

The welfare of the people is dear to my heart. I therefore pay attention to products from ecologically sustainable and socially responsible production when purchasing all ingredients.

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