Almonds from Spain

Almonds from Spain

Trade in almonds began about 500 years ago, when Spanish settlers introduced the fruit to America after the discovery of the New World. Their excellent taste and health properties were already well known at that time. Accordingly, almonds were considered a valuable commodity that could be exchanged for other products.

Almond trees are part of the characteristic landscape of Spain. They have grown close to the hearts of the people there and taken root in their souls. The almond groves cover large areas in the agricultural regions. Because of their particular characteristics, almond trees are planted in areas with poor soils and occasionally on steep slopes. The trees require little water and are mostly planted in smaller plantations and non-irrigated systems.

Here great importance is attached to natural cultivation. This gives the Spanish almonds their excellent quality: The high oil content makes them smoother, tenderer, and more intense in taste. What distinguishes the typical Spanish almond from fruits of other origins are its outstanding taste characteristics, which delight even the most discriminating of gourmets.

For my “almond kisses”, I use selected Spanish almonds, which are among the most delicious almond varieties. They grow on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and are characterised by their crispness, their delicate sweetness, and their fine butter taste.

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